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Welcome To This Blog

Welcome all to Sanchkes magnificent blog

I’ve explained in the side bar in the homepage, as well a little in the about page why I made this blog. But one thing I haven’t covered is how I made it. So if you’re interested, keep reading.

The ‘blog engine’

This website is made up of about 3 layers of code all combined makes the blog engine. Eventually I would like to put some or all those layers together for a monolithic approach but I have no means of doing that right now. Below they’re listed from highest level to lowest.


lmcss is simply a mega-repository I’ve created with Ellem and t.hydro over the past year. It is basically a grouping of sass items that come together to form main.css… the style sheet this site uses. I mix that with a little bit of html for header, footer, and non-article pages (ie, about). Fun fact, the branched directly off of branch.


The tech made specifically for this website, but in a way were it can be used for others. I’m thinking of GPL'ing it later on because it’s a nice tool. I made the engine be RFC2616 complaint. Which is both cool and weird. I can use methods PUT and DELETE as they’re original intent was, however HTML forms can only handle POST and GET. I’ll bitch about HTML in a later article.

Also anytime you’re at an article, add a raw param to the url and you get the backing markdown!


The former bing php, the later being C. php-markdown2 is GPL’d on the library, so feel free. lmcms mainly handles storing and caching of html and they’re backend markdown files. Which clearly also explains its dependency among php-markdown2.

As I said before, I’ll probably combine lmcms and lmblog before I GPL them. It’s honestly about 600 lines of code total.