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Library Needs To Be Debian is crappy and over-engineered

I really like the site but I spent too much time the upload feature. My goal was to make it heavily file-system orientated. Though this was not a bad idea, my execution was flawed by the fact that there was no easy way to make a predictable upload.

I’m not going to completely re-do it, many parts of it – especially the database model – are very well done. But I’m going to integrate a debian package repository into the service. The format of information required for a standard control file in a debian package would contain nearly all the information needed for a typical page on the Library. Furthermore, I already have a few packages in the Library that depend on other packages in the Library, and I’m not looking forward to designing my own dependency database.

My company and my clients will benefit from this. Setting up complicated work areas and using my tools will be one echo >> /etc/apt/sources.list away. Meta packages for nginx installations, apache installations will slice overhead off of starting projects and bringing in new computers.

PDFs, and non-debs

I believe for any non-deb related projects will still be using the systems that I’ve made. But my logic needs to be stripped down to only essential requirements. I could just shove the pdfs and non-debs into debs, couldn’t I? Can’t do this because msi files still need to be available for windows machines…

I also need to make the formating easier, and I could implement the blog engine I’ve recently made too.

Git Repos

I’ve always wanted public git repositories hosted on the Library, because I hate github for some reason. I should do some research on the best way to go about this, nothing excites me more than coding collaboration. Implementing this requires editing the database model which – at the time of writing this – does not seem exciting.

Pin this to ‘maybe later’.

Shut down for now

For the next couple of days I’ll leave it down sense I’m switching everything from apache to nginx (nothing against apache, it’s just nginx is more suited for my small operation). I’ll put it back up when I need to, and hopefully by that time I’ve implemented changes.