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A something little about me

My name is Kevin Marschke but known as Sanchke on the internet. I'm the CEO of Ellem LLC, a software firm out of St. Louis. I'm not old enough to have a successful company but fortunately young enough to have a blog.

I've made this blog because I'm in this sense of denial that people actually give a shit about me. You're here reading this so I only assume I'm right. This blog also gives me a sense of false integrity; not only because how I have my own domain, but also because I made this blog from the ground up.

Expect me to talk about some bowling, computers, music, personal life, and politics. You shouldn't expect me to be good at any of those three things, so your the time you spend here is at your own risk.

A disclaimer about my honesty

I am a very private man. I hate putting anything true on the internet, unfortunately starting your own company dissolves all your privacy. But now I've gone as far as putting my first and last name on the internet, no turning back now. Regardless a few things:


Non-textual media (images, graphs, software, files, ect.)

If you would to use my non-textual material outside of fair use, you must have my written permission by letter or email. Please see here for contact information unless otherwise stated on a more specific disclaimer or license regarding the particular media.

Textual media (text delivered directly though this website)

Anyone is free to verbosely copy and distribute textual media from this website so long that it is accompanied with proper attribution (to me :)).